“John Hughes” Cast from the Rockwell Stage Performs on Good Day LA


If you grew up watching all those John Hughes movies like The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Home Alone and Christmas Vacation, then you are going to love For The Record: John Hughes (Holiday Road). Performed by Broadway and Hollywood singers in the 360-degree dining and concert space at Rockwell in Los Feliz, this interactive show is your chance to sing along to the ultimate 80s soundtrack with a few holiday favorites thrown in for good measure. The show begins Thursday, December 6 and runs until Sunday, December 30. Weekly performances are Thursday-Sunday at 8pm. For ticket information please call (323) 661-6163 (ext #20) or visit

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Thrillist Covers “For The Record: Boogie Nights”

The greatest musical in the history of musicals. Ever. Of all-time.

Opening Fri, For the Record: Boogie Nights is an R-rated, totally live, musically driven tribute to Paul Thomas Anderson’s film lexicon, orchestrated by the same company that’s produced similarly minded odes to John Hughes, Baz Luhrmann, and the Coen Brothers, which should be more than enough background to make you want to Fargo. But just in case…

This’s the first to take place in the Rockwell Kitchen & Stage’s new, twice-as-big-as-the-shoebox-it-was-in-before space, which’s big enough to do crazily choreographed, in-character selections like a short-shorted Rollergirl-driven “Brand New Key” (from Boogie), an emotionally charged reading of Aimee Mann’s “Wise Up” (Magnolia), and even some selections from There Will Be Blood and Punch Drunk Love, w/ songs by Jon Brion, which should ALSO be enough to make you want to Largo. Just in case you’re all like “ugh, these’re all gonna be terrible singer-actor-dancer-wannabes looking for a break“, the cast is already, um, broken, w/ various members having appeared on Broadway in shiz like Les Mis, on TV shows like American Idol, and in movies including Death Proof – see, you should definitely, er, g…Tarantino.

Also amazing: they’ve even got a specialty hot dog menu w/ film-referencing franks, including the 10in “Big Diggler” and the mac-and-cheese-topped “Todd Porker”, as well as a party-pop-and-booze-filled Punch Drunk Punch, which’s, hello, just one more reason you should Faygo.

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Photo Flash: FOR THE RECORD: TARANTINO IN CONCERT at Rockwell Table and Stage

Co-creators Shane Scheel and Christopher Lloyd Bratten presented “For the Record: Tarantino in Concert” last week at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. The show was adapted from multiple works of Academy Award-winning director Quentin Tarantino including “Reservoir Dogs,” “Kill Bill,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “Inglourious Bastards” among others. Check out photos from the show below!

The show has previously been performed in Los Angeles and received a makeover before being taken to South By South West in Austin, Texas earlier this year. The Ace Hotel has also hosted the “For the Record :Baz Luhrmann” and “For the Record: John Hughes” editions and will be hosting the Coen Brothers as well as a reprise of the John Hughes editions later this year.

Performers included Ginifer King (“Struck By Lightning,” Broadway’s Gypsy, Steel Magnolias), Darryl Semira (Broadway’s Spamalot, Mamma Mia), Jason Paige (Blood Sweat & Tears, RENT at the Hollywood Bowl), Anneliese vanDer Pol (Broadway’s Beauty and the Beast), Danielle Mone’ Truitt (Disney’s The Princess and the Frog), Anderson Davis (Broadway’s South Pacific, Les Miserables), Lisa Datz (Broadway’s The Full Monty), Steve MazurekAngela Pupello, andDionne Gipson.

Currently playing in the newly renovated Rockwell Table and Stage in Los Feliz is “For the Record: Boogie Nights” consisting of songs and scenes from the works of multiple Academy Award-nominated Los Angeles director PaulThomas Anderson. “For The Record: Boogie Nights” runs until Saturday, August 4. For more information, visit

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Last Night the Songs From Boogie Nights Were Performed. Rollergirl Was in Effect

Last night a lavish postmodern public masturbation session went down at the Rockwell in Los Feliz, with a full cast performing the movie music of director Paul Thomas Anderson. The show, titled For the Record: Boogie Nights, also featured music from other Anderson films including MagnoliaPunch Drunk Love and the hilarious baptismal scene from There Will Be Blood.


Though the show quickly ventured into costumed disco fun, it began on a serious note with songs from Magnolia. For those who aren’t familiar with Anderson’s work, many consider this to be his grand opus of sorts; it’s a somber flick that deals with issues like drug addiction, sexual abuse, unrequited homosexual love and cancer. But it’s also got one hell of a soundtrack, bolstered by the heart-wrenching Aimee Mann songs “Wise Up” and “One”. (Magnolia actually becomes a musical of sorts for a moment when the cast randomly bursts into “Wise Up.”) But…

…last night’s directors Shane Scheel and Anderson Davis interspersed enough of the film’s comedic moment’s — Tom Cruise’s character screaming “Respect the cock! Tame the cunt!” — for the audience not to want to get open a vein in the restroom.

551653_10151216872272786_1713735294_n.jpeg Dirk and Rollergirl get it on.

But the real fun began after the frogs had fallen from the sky (Magnolia fans will understand) and they broke out the bell-bottoms. The Rockwell is an intimate dinner theater so the revue was preformed all around the room, with Juliette Goglia — playing Rollergirl — skating past folks’ tables. The set list was full of classics like “Boogie Shoes,” “You Sexy Thing,” “Sister Christian” and the finale “God Only Knows.”

The lonely cuckold


“Fooled Around and Fell In Love” was one of the most sexual things I’ve ever seen preformed onstage, complete with a couple (perhaps unintentional) nipple-slips. Also the mostly shirtless actors made me feel extremely inadequate about my own body. The acting was solid last night, with each performer playing multiple rolls. Derek Ferguson is a dead ringer for Dirk Diggler. He has the ditzy self-confidence down to a tee — Eddie Adams from Torrance really believed he was a big, bright shining star.

Sure, it’s more of us patting ourselves on the back in Hollywood and playing around in art we’ve already created postmodern love children, but For the Record is a good time. It’s well-acted, funny, touching at moments, and you get to go: Oh, I love that part of this movie in your own head about 80 times.

And people have responded to these shows: Paul Thomas Anderson is only one in a series of directors whose music Scheel has chronicled. Speaking with him over the phone, Scheel says that his favorite movie music placement director of all time is Quentin Tarantino, who was the subject of a different For the Record show.


“He actually came to a show and loved it,” says Scheel. “He stayed out until 4 in the morning drinking the entire cast under the table.” Next up after the PTA show spells in August is Martin Scorsese. It’s all so meta it can make your head spin.

I won’t throw out any spoilers, but I will say that this version of Boogie Nights didn’t ruin one of the best movie endings of all time. After all, thirteen inches is a tough load, it don’t treat you gently. Now… where the fuck is Ringo!

Personal Bias: If you put a gun to my head, I’d have to say Boogie Nights is my favorite film of all time.

The Crowd: A bit older, with money in their pockets.

Random Notebook Dump: They give you a Broadway-style playbill at the show, which is a nice touch.


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For The Record on KTLA!

We were happy to have Allie from KTLA at Rockwell Table & Stage recently to preview our newest show, For The Record: Boogie Nights. We had such a fun time giving KTLA a sneak peek of some of the performances as they dined. Here are some videos from their morning news live coverage…

For the Record: Boogie Nights – A Preview Performance

For the Record: Boogie Nights – Best of My Love

For the Record: Boogie Nights – Reenacting the Hot Tub Scene

Get your tickets here for all upcoming For The Record: Boogie Nights shows!

What You’re Doing This Week: June 4

For the Record: Paul Thomas Anderson — Music From Boogie Nights Barre

1714 N Vermont Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 661-6163

9:00 PM

The hip little Los Feliz hideaway Barre features daily performances in a cabaret setting. This is your chance to see Broadway stars, up and comers and ensemble acts up close. One of the featured performances they host regularly is something they call For the Record, where they bring a director’s soundtrack to life in a theatrical performance. There are multiple dates for the Boogie Nights performances, so check their online schedule for tickets. Songs performed include “Sister Christian,” “Afternoon Delight,” “Brand New Key,” “Jesse’s Girl,” “Wise Up,” “One,” “Boogie Shoes,” “God Only Knows,” “Aint No Stoppin’ Us Now” and more. The performers move about the room, bringing the show to you table side. Dinner is also served. If you are wondeing about the food you should know they are part of Vermont Kitchen & Bar. Sounds like a perfect night out!


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[Eastside Eye] For the Record: Los Feliz’s Movie Music Revue

Kill Bill, Volume 1 - Ginifer King

Describing Show at Barre: For the Record’s unique concept is easy. Performers sing-dance-and-recreate music and scenes from contemporary movies, all while roaming throughout the snugly packed audience at the Vermont restaurant’s bar, using every part of the space as a stage. “It’s a live, 360 degree theatrical concert experience,” says Los Feliz’s Shane Scheel, For the Record’s co-creator, producer and director.

What’s difficult is conveying the show’s immediacy, the performers’ tangible connection with audiences and how the concert manages to keep engaging those audiences with its sheer talent factor.

For over a year, the 40-member company—many from Broadway and ongoing television roles—has cycled through a series of original productions based on well-known film directors’ work.

Beginning with Quentin Tarantino’s films via Tarantino In Concert, the show has brought to life memorable movie moments, such as the “Elephant Love Song” medley from Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge, in the intimate setting.

In June, For the Record will present the music and dynamic scenes from the films of director/screenwriter Paul Thomas Anderson, well regarded for Boogie Nights, a film filled with late 1970s disco faves and early 1980s pop hits. Scheel, along with his collaborator Christopher Lloyd Bratten, select songs after watching the films and listening to a director’s various soundtracks choices.

“We weave our story together through music first,” he said.

For the Record: Paul Thomas Anderson will also have music from Magnolia (many by singer/songwriter Aimee Mann) and There Will Be Blood (original score by Jonny Greenwood).

Also in June, the space will be reconfigured and renamed Rockwell, unifying the Vermont restaurant and bar (once Sarno’s Bakery) and the indoor/outdoor Rockwell which faces the alley parallel to Vermont Avenue. The menu will be revamped too. What will stay the same are the energetic performances and creative song arrangements.

Scheel said he predicts the reconfigured space will add new ways to stage the spirited song-and-dance numbers. There have always been unexpected entrances and exits during the show. Because the performers are using wireless microphones, they travel unencumbered, even outside and up into the tree visible through the bar’s picture window.

Upcoming are new productions featuring music from the films of Martin Scorsese and Tim Burton. And during the holiday season, holiday tunes from John Hughes’ crowd-pleasing films will get the For the Record creative mash-up.

For tickets:


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Movie buff heading to Palm Springs for a little rest and relaxation? Check out “For The Record”, a unique live concert series at the Ace Hotel that musically celebrates the work of prolific directors like Quentin Tarantino, the Coen Brothers, and John Hughes.

A lovely dessert oasis, Ace Hotel Palm Springs boasts a super-chill vibe along with pet-friendly amenities and eco-friendly design. Relax by the pool while noshing on an organic meal from King’s Highway—the exclusive artisanal in-hotel restaurant—or sip a specialty cocktail from the Amigo Room as you’re soaking up the sun.

Break out your best Uma Thurman/John Travolta dance moves and groove along to familiar songs sung and performed by professional film, television, and Broadway talent. Conceived and directed by Shane Scheel and Christopher Lloyd Bratten, “For The Record” takes audience members on a magical ride through some of their favorite flicks.

Can’t imagine a trip to Palm Springs without a Swedish massage or botanical facial? Book a room at the Ace Hotel and score 15% off the room rate, two tickets to the exciting show and $25 off any Feel Good Spa treatment. The 24-hour gym includes wellness classes like yoga and water aerobics. Don’t miss “For The Record”, a show described by the Los Angeles Times as “searingly visceral… the movies sing!”

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Hollywood Does Broadway

I was at a dinner party at an impeccable mansion in Beverly Hills when one of the guests started talking about Wicked. Then he said the gayest thing I have ever heard. ‘I’ve seen Wicked 20 times.’ And when I told him that he laughed, and I instantly realised he was super special gay. Chris Diamond is so super special in fact he puts on what is undoubtedly the best night out in Los Angeles.

It’s called Show At Barre Presents: For The Record. It’s at Vermont Kitchen & Bar. One half serves delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere (in fact the kitchen serves at the Elton John Oscar party every year). The other half is a cocktail bar that features Show At Barre Presents: For The Record. And it’s the most wonderful melding of Broadway and Hollywood. The shows consist of a musical version of the directors’ most known films. They work with the soundtrack from the original movie. Each show features the work of a different auteur. When it was Baz Luhrmann he turned up to the show, as did Tarantino.

It’s an intimate, cosy, dark bar which comes to life when a cast runs through it, and performs on a small stage in front and on the bar itself and among the audience. I saw For The Record: Coen Brothers – musical version of the Coen Brothers’ finest works: O Brother Where Art Thou, Fargo, True Grit, Hudsucker Proxy, and The Big Lebowski.

They act out the most memorable scenes and fit them around the songs from the soundtrack They give you delicious Coen libations, Burn After Drinking – tequila, sweet and sour lime juice and jalapenos. Or The Hudsucker – Absolut Orange, St. Germain, Triple Sec and Alizé. I had a Blueberry Lemon Drop, which was potent and sweet, like the show itself.

The performers were mostly Broadway veterans, amazing voices and great panache.

Future shows include For The Record: Martin Scorsese, followed by Paul Thomas Anderson. There’s also a Cameron Crowe show featuring Jerry Maguire, Elizabethtown, Almost Famous and Vanilla Sky. The Scorsese even features Casino, The Departed, Goodfellas and Raging Bull.

The shows have become so popular with lines around the block they are expanding into a new 200-seat showroom. There is something amazing though about having the Frances McDormand pregnant cop from Fargo poking her baby bump a few inches from your face. Magnificent.

Show At Barre Presents For The Record is at Vermont Kitchen & Bar, 1714 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027. Tel: (323) 661-6163

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